The Muchness of it All

In five weeks this ride will be done.  Minot, Maine will be a real place full of real people in my heart – rather than  a spot on a map, a destination and a bunch of e-mails full of plans.  So often these days I find myself a bit overwhelmed with the muchness of it all; heart overflowing and eyes welling up.  This has been my all-consuming life for two very full years and it’s kind of hard to imagine anything else as fully real – although I do have  very clear fantasies about not packing and balancing the packs every day, about a bed that doesn’t roll up every morning, about some sort of a kitchen to call my own.
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the ponies saw a bear!

the ponies saw a bear!

The “Writing Naturally” workshop at Rowe Conference Center last weekend was everything I’d hoped it would be and more – H. Emerson Blake (Chip) is ed-in-chief of “Orion Magazine” which I’ve read and loved for many years and even more than “writing” I was challenged to think about why I write and for whom.  Discussions about generosity to the reader and building bridges of thoughts and words, writing to increase the capacity for wonder and a new perspective – incredibly helpful as I think about the book that will need to be carved out and crafted from the sometimes overwhelming abundance of stories I’ve ridden through since 10.October, 2011.  The voice in my head says: “Tell the stories and let the stories tell the Story.”  Sage advice, but how to choose which stories to tell!?!
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look Finehorn, Jesse made it across ok!

look Finehorn, Jesse made it across ok!

Even now, trying to get a blog post written, choose between the photographs (which are taking forever to load) pack the bags (laptop rides nestled in the bedroll – so this has to happen first) and get back on the trail in time to make tonight’s destination before dusk…  Knowing it’s inevitable that I’ll ride down the road thinking of what I should have said!
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Lucy Leaf with the Free Range Rodeo

Lucy Leaf with the Free Range Rodeo

I’ve had a lot of good company on the road in the past stretch.  Lucy Leaf, a Long Rider from Maine who rode her horse Igor across the country (and back!) for 4 years in the 70s came out to meet me on Thursday.  She’d spent Wednesday scouting a route for me from Adams to Rowe – lovely trails I never would have found on my own and a perfect camp spot between a brook and an orchard.  It was like having a guardian trail angel along for a day – coming out of the woods at odds with my map, there she was, pointing the way!  Coming down a long steep curvy grade, there she was, right behind me with her flashers on, warning other vehicles!  Sharing stories and laughter and thoughts on living with the herd – All this and pizza too!  😉

the meeting of the Fjords!

the meeting of the Fjords!

I met a horsewoman/farmer/artist/writer at Rowe who took me in and then passed me on and Massachusetts has been a delight of hospitality, beautiful back roads and nourishing companionship.  I’ve had hosts ride out with me to get me started and ride out to find me and bring me in and one woman who rode a middle stretch (on her Fjord) and when we got to her farm the ponies had a drink and I was given fresh maple candy (my favorite!)  The weather (until yesterday) has been holding sunny and breezy and beautiful for riding through and the bounty of apples continue to delight us all.

There’s a bit of folk wisdom that says that the higher the wasps nests are built in the trees the more snow to expect – this beauty was higher than I could reach from Jesse’s back!

About Sea G Rhydr

Sea G Rhydr and her trusty steeds, Jesse James and Finehorn - embarking on a grand adventure to cross America.
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7 Responses to The Muchness of it All

  1. Suzie says:

    Sea I am glad you are almost there Medicare & I have thought about you many times since Christmas My house finally got back together after the fire and it’s beautiful Good luck during your last month

  2. Anonymous says:

    hey there.    how are you doing? How are the horses?  I can’t believe your trip is almost over.  I was just looking

  3. Steve trampe says:

    Hi Sea! You probably don’t remember me from the summer of 82, but I was an Island Counselor that kept getting in trouble with your dad (-: Probably like you I am thinking?!! Anyway, I just joined you on your journey after a post from Lee Dover. I would love to hear more about your riding journey and your journey of life….so keep writing and riding.
    Chief Swampy (Steve Trampe…..mountain man)

  4. says:

    Hello. My Son and I met you in the Jemez Mtns. of New Mexico one warm August day in 2012. It was a pleasure. We love the entries and pictures you provide. I have been sharing them with my students as well. We all wish you and your horses well.

    Erik and Kendrik

  5. Rachelmegyesy says:

    Sea, your writing brings tears to my eyes. So beautiful. I can’t wait for the book ! ( no pressure ) ha ha

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