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I recently learned that my dad and my aunt, who are both actively supportive of my Journey, didn’t know that I put a new photo up on facebook most days.  I also learned that many people who have “liked” me on facebook have no idea that I’ve also got a blog where I post not only stories of the ride (with Lots more photos!) but also have a daily update page (click on the words across the top that say “daily update/contact info”).  Other pages on the blog (accessed by clicking on the appropriate words across the top) include Route, “Why?” and a Wish List.  Right now I’m working on finding small roads and (even better) horse friendly trails across Northern Massachusetts, SE New Hampshire and on up into Maine to Minot.  If you (or somebody you know) are on my route and have good local route ideas and/or room for the ponies and me I’d love to hear from you either via facebook, a blog comment or an e-mail sent to:

check out the new fall hat!

check out the new fall hat!

I made a mistake and sent out my last blog post to the e-mail list before all the photos were in place – so if you’re following via e-mail you might want to visit the blog to see the rest of the photos (and catch a glimpse of what else is going on in blog world!)  If you visit the Free Range Rodeo facebook site you can see a wee map up at the top – which I try to keep updated so that if you click on it you can see where I am on a daily basis.  There’s a button on the blog page that should take you right over to my facebook reality – and clicking on “continue reading->” on facebook should bring you to the blog.  I greatly appreciate those of you who are following my Journey – and also really appreciate it when you share, like, leave comments, tell your friends about the adventure and otherwise encourage me along the way.  Thank You!

mom and dad with the ponies

mom and dad with the ponies

Tomorrow the ponies and I embark on the final leg of our Journey!  My dad is in the garage right now figuring out a way to secure the Long Riders Flag to Finehorn’s saddle and I still have half a dozen things on my to-do list so this post will be brief!  The ponies are quite plump and sassy after two weeks of rest and I’m feeling much healthier after two weeks of my mom’s amazing cooking, sleeping in my own bed and taking some long hot soaking baths!  Tomorrow I’ll have the privilege of meeting Long Rider Lucy Leaf (who rode her horse Igor across the country – and back! – in the 70s).  We’ve spoken on the ‘phone a couple of times and today she scouted out my route for the next two days and found a place for me to camp tomorrow night – what a blessing!  Very excited about that.

introducing Finehorn to the flag

introducing Finehorn to the flag

Also excited to report that Gryph Wulfkil, Finehorn’s human and my boon companion (who accompanied me on the first 5 months of this Journey and has been back to visit several times since) has started a blog:  – Sagas of Circus and Art.  Gryph will come down from NECCA Circus School in Brattleboro, VT to Rowe, MA Sunday afternoon for a reunion with Finehorn (and of course Jesse James and yours truly) and we’re all pretty stoked about that.

It’s my understanding that cell ‘phone and internet access in Northern Massachusetts will be quite limited.  I’ll be doing my best, but if you don’t hear from me for a few days please don’t worry – I’ll be back in touch soon!

About Sea G Rhydr

Sea G Rhydr and her trusty steeds, Jesse James and Finehorn - embarking on a grand adventure to cross America.
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2 Responses to Please Click Here

  1. Oh hurry hurry hurry—-write the book!!!!!

  2. marcia swenson says:

    /Sea! how wonderful your bit of time at the homeRange! was to hear about. you better believe your parents were stoked to see you! as i was to hear about it.:-) You have only the last leg now and i know that will have its challenges but when the goal is in sight you get the thrill of arrival.
    Keep up your fine spirits and know we pray for safety , an extra warm blanket for Ma. nights and mountain temps. and the same friendly amazing people on the way! xmarcia/dave

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