Plans are ephemeral and untrustworthy creatures in the face of Reality, however, talking about plans can be a good way to bring Reality into closer and more probable focus.  I will try to keep this page updated with my most recent route planning thoughts – will be grateful for suggestions, invitations, well-founded warnings and the sort of feedback that makes things more possible –

I’m currently living on Lopez Island, WA with Karen Fisher (writing mentor and author of A Sudden Country) and the Dreamer Menagerie.  I’m working on the book and dreaming about a 2022 Long Ride with Anahita and Ye’emes. Meanwhile, it’s beautiful and I’m happy here.

Jesse James and Saint Finehorn are with Gryph somewhere in the wilds near Gainesville, Florida.


18 Responses to Route

  1. Jennifer W Tesler says:

    It’s Jennifer Woodcook… How are you? So happy to find you! It’s been forever since Sky Ranch, TK Devry and Yankee Doodle and Likely Too! My youngest is actually at Ole Miss which I don’t think is too far from you. Are you still in MS? xxoo jen

    • Sea G Rhydr says:

      wow – hello! – i’ve actually settled on Lopez Island, WA
      changed my name to Sea G Rhydr and very much wonder how you are!
      you can find me on instagram @dreamer_menagerie
      or e-mail
      my fb got hacked so i got out of fb, sorry
      so happy to hear from you!
      blessings and adventures, Sea

  2. Evelyn says:

    Hi Sea!!! Hope You are Much Better Now!! Just a note for You, Trying to get Coverage for Barb Powers so We can make Your Parade Sat. Take Care!!

  3. Kathy Mercurio says:

    I notice your travels take you through Hollis, NH – right next door to me in Pepperell, Ma. I am sure that someone in my horse club, the Hollis Area Equestrians, could put you up while you are in the area. I’ll some details and then will ask around for you. What an adventure :-). Happy and safe travels to you. Kathy

    • Gryph Rhydr says:

      hi Kathy – thank you so much for getting in touch – i’ll be at my Aunt Pat’s in Harvard, MA – probably arriving the afternoon of the 10th and heading out again on the morning of the 13th – depending on a bunch of variables, as per usual – from there it’s a two day ride up to the place I’m staying in Hollis – so a place to stay between Harvard and Hollis would be super helpful! From Hollis I’m planning to ride East to Hampton Beach State Park – I currently have no connections through that area – also ideas about safe/small roads and/or trails are always very welcome! Thanks again for offering help!
      blessings and adventures

  4. I just found out about your journey and have spent the better part of the afternoon reading of your adventure! Incredible, just amazing! I live in Hampstead, NH (25 miles from Hampton Beach) If you need any info of my area, feel free to email! Safe travels!

  5. Karin Page says:

    My dear friend Debbie in NY sent me your info. I live in Webster, NH (north of Concord) and will pass this along to all my NH, MA and Maine friends. If you’re coming this way please let me know. You are more than welcome to stay here for a bit and let your horses rest. If you need any guidance you can contact me at

  6. Amber Moore says:

    Hey Sea, we already miss you being at the farm. I am happy you’re back on the trail though. I’m sure the horses are too! I love getting to hear about how the trip goes as you head to Maine. I hope everything goes well from here on out. Tell Jesse that he isn’t going to be eaten by the amish buggies!! Well I hope you have a safe rest of the trip. Let us know if you run into some trouble with anything. See ya in December!! 🙂

  7. Midge Plunk says:

    Hi Sea – had the opportunity to meet you this afternoon on Hwy 64 east of Selmer, TN. What a pleasure to spend some time talking with you! I’m sorry I did not know of you and your journey early enough so I that I could have had the pleasure of having you stay overnight here. I look forward to keeping up with your travels and to reading your book!
    Best wishes for a safe and wonderful journey as you continue on to Maine. May you have sunshine and beautiful days for the remainder of your travels.
    Midge Plunk

  8. Amy Holmes says:

    Hello – just learned of your trek from my folks; Mom was good friends with your Mom and Dad…they were a huge help to her in her college days at Wheaton. Anyway, we are on a horse farm in Milan, TN which is just north of Jackson. If you end up coming this far North and need a respite, you’re more than welcome here. Amy (Pringle) Holmes and family 🙂

  9. Valerie Thompson says:

    I met you on your way from Potts Camp, MS to Ashland, MS. I had such a wonderful time talking with you and appreciate your taking the time to visit. Your riding buddies seemed to really enjoy their carrots and grass. You are such an inspiration and touched my heart. Thank you for that. I hope you enjoy the fingerless gloves I knitted and gave you. They needed a good home and found one! Enjoy on those cool evenings. I pray your trip is safe and cannot wait for your book to come out. Stay safe and enjoy your dream.


  10. Jerome says:

    Saw your story online in the Calhoun County Journal. My dad, nearing 90, lives in Pittsboro, and I check the local news online (my wife and I live in East Texas) to see what’s going on around him – gives me conversation fodder. Thanks for the comment above about Mississippi being beautiful – I agree! All the best, and happy trails.

  11. Kendra says:

    Good morning…
    My name is Kendra and I met you this morning on highway 9 in Calhoun City, MS. I was excited to see you! It was like meeting a movie star in person. I pray that you get to Maine safe and sound and your journey is all that you expected and more.

    God Bless!!!!

  12. Karen Nichols says:

    I live in MINOT, MAINE !!! What kind of celebration would you like upon your arrival ? Read”LAST OF THE SADDLE TRAMPS”…loved the book. I am about 3 miles from Jackass Annie’s homestead.

  13. Lisa Higgins says:

    This is so cool. I was told about your ride from a friend in my canine class. I am a handler (cold case homicide etc) and teach others how. I was in Jena the same time that you were but didn’t know too look you up until now. I would have loved to meet you. I was a mounted officer with St. Tammany Sheriff’s office and of course still ride but for pleasure now. Stay with it and wishing you good weather, good places to stay, good food. I know a few folks in N. Mississippi and Memphis. I will see if I can alert them to your arrival if it will help and you think that you will actually make it there rather than another route. Perhaps we can find you a good place to stay. I will be in Tunica, MS the 11th through the 15th. I can at least get you some hay and feed if you think you will be passing through there during that time. Anything else that might help? Let me know.
    Lisa Higgins

  14. Rhonda says:

    If you make it to North Georgia near the Dalton/Calhoun area which is about 70 miles north of Atlanta up I-75. You are welcome to stay and rest up on our farm.


  15. eva andersen says:

    Happy to help when you’re in upstate NY…have many wonderful connections in the horse-land of Saratoga!

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