YOU Are Invited!

One month from today I’ll be riding into Minot, Maine – leading a parade to honor Mesannie Wilkins (The Last of the Saddle Tramps), proudly carrying the flag of the Long Riders’ Guild and bringing my own 25 month Journey to its conclusion.  It would make me exceedingly happy to have people there from all along the trail, from every state I’ve travelled through, from the times of bliss and the times of near despair.  Hundreds of you amazing and wonderful people have made this Journey possible.  You’ve helped me find the best route, let me tether my ponies on your lawns, opened your hay barns, prayed for my protection, fed me delicious meals, let me use your showers, given money, laundered my clothes, encouraged me and made me laugh when times were hard, worked miracles with tack issues, taken care of me when I’ve been sick or injured, given the ponies a place to lay up when they needed time to heal, sent notes and messages and care packages, offered water or a smile and a wave as I rode by, welcomed me into your homes and your lives and your hearts and so much more!  In my heart you’ve become a linear community and I wish you could all meet one another and inspire one another as you’ve inspired me.  I’d love to have you come join in the parade, the celebration, the pooling of memories and sharing of stories.  I really wish I could find a way to invite you each personally and specifically!  Please!  Consider yourself invited!  😉
Mesannie Wilkins with Rex, Tarzan and Depeche Toi

Juls Goodell is coordinating things with the Minot Historical Society and the town of Minot and she’d love to hear from people who are interested in being involved in any way to make this event as special as possible.  Her e-mail address is:    There will be a planning meeting this coming Thursday (10.October) at 6:30pm EST – so input before that time would be great.  After that time I’ll be able to fill you in a bit more about plans for the weekend.  Right now my understanding is that there will be a parade Friday 8.November 4-5pm as I ride into town.  I’m thinking it would be a lot of fun if people (in costume?) on horseback joined me along the way as I rode my last day into Minot – gradually swelling the ranks until we became a parade. 😉  Not sure if this is entirely practical or not?  Following the parade will be a grange hall dinner.  Saturday morning (9-?) will be some sort of fun ceremony with speeches and laughter and the sharing of stories.  There are people in Minot who remember Mesannie Wilkins from when she lived there and I’m hoping they’ll fill us in on the real reason she left town!
Mesannie Wilkins grave
I have met so many people over the past two years who read The Last of the Saddle Tramps, loved the book, were inspired by the woman and her story and dreamed of following in her footsteps.  I have been incredibly blessed to have been able to do exactly that – and am privileged and honored to be returning to the home town of a true, trailblazing American heroine.  Her book reminded me how important it is for each of to live our own unique dreams (no matter how crazy they sound to those who think they know us) and showed me how much we can get done if we use what we’ve got.  Mesannie Wilkins was born in 1891, around the time that the first American car was made; she was 22 years old when women got the right to vote.  As amazing as it might sound today, simply dressing “for comfort and safety” (read: trousers) was still a fairly radical act for a 63 year old woman in 1954.  In so many ways I’ve had it so easy compared to her ride!  I do hope to see many of you in Minot.  Come join the celebration!

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Sea G Rhydr and her trusty steeds, Jesse James and Finehorn - embarking on a grand adventure to cross America.
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12 Responses to YOU Are Invited!

  1. redding3 says:

    I just finished reading The Ride of Her Life. Searched the internet and came across WordPress and your post! Congratulations on your accomplishment! and honoring another leading embodiment of the American spirit full of courage and eternal hope: Annie Wilkins!

    • Sea G Rhydr says:

      i wonder if she ever suspected how many people she’d inspire – branching out from that one desperate/brave decision to just go for it!

      • redding3 says:

        You have me thinking Annie must’ve been so incredibly surprised at first to read so many wonderful notes, letters and possibly articles along her journey, and afterwards. She definitely couldn’t have known how decades later she is still an inspiration, admired and honorifically emulated.

  2. katfairy says:

    Looking forward to meeting you- I’ve been following your progress online since I heard of your trip through the Minot Historical Society.

  3. Anna says:

    For fairly obvious reasons, we won’t be able to be there with you and the ponies when you ride into Minot, although we would love to be. We will be thinking about you, though, somewhere around the Brazilian border (hopefully on the Brazilian side of it)… Take care of yourself and the herd in your last month on the road, and eat lots of apples for us! Anna, Gilles, Luna, Quillay, Minina, Canelo – and Delta in absentia.

  4. claudia macgruer says:

    hi sea, you know we would love to be there but the thruth is unless something changes rapidly abou this morgellons the trip is too much for me right now. just know i will be there with you in spirit. i just love that you did this and oh how i would LOVE TO BE THERE. WELL YOU NEVER KNW AND THAT IS THE TRUTH TOO!!!!!

    let me know if you go thte thing i wrote about the coyote ok??? lov, c

    Sent from my iPad

  5. Sherry Robinson - in Oklahoma says:

    well….I am checking the cost, been following you since someone on Gaited Horse Sense forum posted your blog when you came through their town. Can’t bring my ponies to ride with you, but would love to meet up and watch you ride into town and enjoy the festivities. Have to fly from Oklahoma to Maine


    • Gryph Rhydr says:

      would love to see you there Sherry – I think the closest airport is Portland, ME – might be possible to arrange some sort of carpool if several people are flying in – let’s stay in touch on that?

  6. says:

    body {word-wrap: break-word; background-color:#ffffff;}Wish we could have be there but we will be there in spirit! I have been following you ever since Rhonda and Phil Urbank in Carrollton Ohio hosted you and the ponies. You and the ponies have been an inspiration as a fellow trail rider to dream big! Happy trails…save a book for me. God Bless. Barbara Harding , Rockin’ Horse RanchSent from my Motorola Smartphone on the Now Network from Sprint!

  7. Alexis zahringer says:

    I’m so glad that you are finally home! My family in Tennessee has been praying for your safe arrival. I wouldn’t be able to come out to cheer you on but I can cheer from here in Montana. I have told many people about your journey, they were amazed. I think that you are the one that should be thanked for your passion and inspiration to all those that have crossed your path. Thank you.

  8. Joy says:

    I lived at Loring AFB for 6+ years and have a daughter born there. The idea of attending your ‘home coming’ just sounds wonderful! I so wish that it was possible for me, but as another has said, I will be there “in spirit” and looking for lots of pictures on your web site to tell me all about it! I am so proud for you as you complete this amazing journey!

  9. says:

    Congratulations! What a an amazing journey. My son Kendrik and I wish that we could be there in person but be certain that we will be there in spirit. New Mexico is unfortunately just to far from Maine. You have made history and touched the lives of many. Your updates have restored my faith in the American people and our society at large. Thank you for including and taking us along on your fantastic adventure.

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