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Sea G Rhydr
4300 Center Road
Lopez Island, WA  98261

e-mail:  (Sea G Rhydr) (Gryph Wulfkil)

cell ‘phone: 518-336-5596 (Sea)

instagram: @dreamer_menagerie  (sea)
@circusgriffin (gryph)

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  1. Michaela ward says:

    I don’t know if you knew there is this guy Bryan Brant who rode from Kansas to Maine, started last year and was in Mane a couple weeks ago. He decided he didn’t want to winter over there as it was hard last year when he stopped in New York. So he set up Pay pal account two weeks ago and within 4 days had all the money to move his 3 horses and dogs to Tennessee so he could continue on to Texas. I posted your trip and info on his page, it would be great if you two could talk about all your experiences being on the road with horses. He is part Mohawk and was recreating his great great grandfathers journey. I met him last summer as he came through our town and have followed him since. I always thought I would have liked to do what the two of you have done, what a wonderful freeing experience for both of you. But look up his info and all the posts about setting up paypal.

  2. Marilyn Keating-Porcaro says:

    I’ve got one stall in my round building with a round pen attached, a spare futon and a good camera in Gray Maine.

    • Gryph Rhydr says:

      hi Marilyn – thank you for the invite – currently in Saco trying to get over a cold in my lungs – heading towards North Yarmouth once i’m fit – still unclear as to best route – probably either Gorham (staying out of traffic) or via trailer (if my cough doesn’t improve) – right now I think i’ll be east of you? will keep you posted if i’m heading your way! blessings and adventures

  3. meranda carsey says:

    It was very nice meeting you today in east palestine, ohio i wish you the best of luck and your an amazing woman to take on such a challenge!

  4. Karen says:

    What a treat to have met you this past Monday in Fulton, Ohio. I will be keeping track of your journey and praying for your continued success. I have been truly blessed by making your, Mr. James and Finehorn’s acquaintance. God speed.

  5. Liana says:

    I love your last post!!!! I am so proud of you and those amazing equines! Happy Trails my friend!

  6. Kendra says:

    Happy Belated Birthday! Sorry so late. I’m glad you are getting along pretty good. I pray that journey gets better each day!

    Calhoun City, MS

  7. VIcki Presson says:

    Hey Sea! Happy Birthday! Hope you are having a great day!

  8. amy slayton says:

    Hey!! So happy to have met u tonight! Already a huge fan of the blog!!!!
    Inspired- Amy from MB Acres:)

  9. Mary Minor says:

    Hi Sea: Glad to hear that Mr. James is better. Best of luck on your journey. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Mary from Potts Camp

  10. LC says:

    Keep your head up and your eye on the prize…so to speak! I know it is a loss in loosing Katie and Walter. You made a friend for life and that is something to be grateful for. Following your blog everyday! See you on the other side! Minot, Maine! LC and DC in Texas

  11. LC in Texas says:

    Yay, Yay, Yay! So very glad Katie found another mule! Y’all be careful crossing that bridge! Thinking of you as always!

  12. Ashley Lemoine & Abery West says:

    So glad to have met you in Colfax, La. You have been an inspiration to me and look forward to following you along your journey. Goodluck to you, safe travels!

  13. LC says:

    I know we have wolves in SE Texas. So, you may have very well heard some. Red Wolf maybe?

  14. Liana and David says:

    David and I are thinking of you and the ponies! Happy and safe trails!

  15. Miranda says:

    Just met them at Grant Hardware in Colfax,La. She told us about her journey, good luck and be safe

  16. Liana Collier says:

    It was so great to meet you Sea! I will talk to you soon!

  17. Ouch! Feel better, Sea! Thinking of you!

  18. Glad to see you’re making your way through Texas, even in the cold. Enjoying seeing you two while you were in Austin. Keep posting.

  19. Katie G. B. says:

    Hey Sea!
    I have been enjoying following your progress – and it seems you are heading in my direction soon-ish! We would love to meet you/see you/have you over if indeed you come near our neck of the woods (memphis, tn)! Not sure how to get in touch with you about that…?
    Cousin Katie 🙂

  20. Lisa & Mike says:

    Hello, A very nice lady named Pia gave us your web site address, because she thought that we could possibly enjoy learning more about you. We are impressed with your journey and excellent attitude on life. We understand that you are busy, but please do feel free to say hello if you like. I think we share a lot in common. Have safe & fun evening!
    Sincerely, Lisa & Mike

  21. I met you just outside of Nazerath!! I’ll be praying for you & your ponies 🙂 Have a safe trip to Tulia!!

  22. Barbara Peacock says:

    It was good to hear about your progress. Beautiful country – great pictures of New Mexico. Glad that you are well. We were kind of wondering for a while how it was going. Sorry to hear that your Forest Service experience wasn’t like what you found in Show Low. No maps available, ugh. I have talked to two different people friends who saw you going thru Show Low over on Porter Mt. Rd. Keep up the good travels. Barbara

  23. ilovestupidjerks says:

    Hi. We enjoying meeting you at the San Antonio Springs in the Jemez Mountains last Monday evening. Good luck!

  24. kt az says:

    Thank you for today’s update!!!! Was about ready to call the forest service… glad to know all are well. – kt

  25. jeff hammond says:

    mt friend lela called me here in carrizozo new mexico and told me about this lady riding across the south with 2 horses. said you are currently in either quamado or silver city. i’m going to mark your page and maybe if you are somewhere i can stop and visit i’ll make a couple day trip.
    my addy is

  26. J. Cole says:

    Dear Sea, Enjoyed our lunch and Walmart run yesterday. Heard of a bear attack near of Payson yesterday. Be careful. Also a story that was a reminder not to camp near Mc Nary. Take care and I’ll be praying for safe travels. Judy Cole

  27. Lynn (Linda Distefano) says:

    Hi Sea,

    Its Lynn….Hope Cowgirl and Daisy are settled into there New Homes and doing well ……My Gelding The ” Postman” missed them ,i’m still looking for a small 14-15 Hand Black Gelding, thats BoomProof, Beginner Safe …to be his Buddy. I know it sounds SILLY but must be Black (my daughters pony that passed was Black, its her wishes to have another Black Small Horse/Large Pony. )….I give you lots of credit for moving forward on your own… I think every Day you will get stronger and Stronger …and in the end it will be twice as Rewarding you did it yourself , Thats a big accomplishment ! Well feel free to call …if you want to chat i love to hear from you…..Thinking of you and the Herd….. Stay Safe. Thanks for the Hay Contact … i will be tryin them for the next truck load.

  28. kathy maniscalco says:

    I am so sorry i missed you down at the hot springs. some times time just gets away from me. i will be doing an article on you and your travels and direct people to your blog. good luck, be safe and travel swiftly. you are a brave woman to make this long journey on your own. let me know if i can help you in the future.

  29. Rob& April says:

    Thanks for stopping in Vidal we had fun.good luck in your travels

  30. John Buck says:

    Hey yall I feel blessed to have been here for yall when I was, I only wish I could have been a better host. I’ll see if I can make up for it down the road. If I hit some gold or sell a meteorite I’ll make it up to ya Sea, Gryph, and Fox, Thanks for blessing this place with yall’s company, couldn’t have ask for a better crew of guests…

  31. Cindy says:

    I am glad u found a place. I did not know how to contact you since I only had Sea’s number. I had located a place for u too. Have a safe trip.

  32. Constancia! says:

    So….I am the gal who stopped on the road (165th Street East) in Llano because I am very curious and wanted to get the scoop on these lovely ladies and their horses! I put my last Peruvian mare down over 4 years ago and my corral was filled with weeds….so having these 4 lovely ponies has been a great pleasure and now my corral is free of weeds! We have had an outstanding time with Sea and Gryph….kindred spirits on this earthly plane….and we wish them the happiest of trails, abundant health for them and their ponies, lots of friendly encounters with generous people, and lots of smiles and hugs! May your trip exceed any expectations you may have! Lots of hugs from Connie (Constancia) and Robert!

  33. Claire says:

    Hello Sea and Gryph – what fun it was to meet you at the Llano Community Association potluck on Saturday. Thank you for giving my daughter Georgia her first horse ride this morning. She can’t stop talking about riding Jesse James bareback. My parents, my aunt and I are all excited to follow your journey on this blog. Meeting you two has stirred up our imaginations and our conversations too!
    Joyous blessings,
    Claire Fitiausi

  34. Sea and Gryph,
    We are routing for you here in North Miami! Spreading the word as time and opportunity allow. Happy trails, Love Safety and Blessings be yours!
    Leon & Mikki

  35. The Wickes says:

    It was a Pleasure getting to know you & helping you on your journey! I cannot wait to see your story on book…maybe even a movie, someday! 😉 Best of Luck & keep in touch.

    *Working on those things we talked about!

  36. Skip Newton says:

    Hola. ….
    Yeah,my friend and I met you this after noon( west & ave. E).
    After reading your blog, I wish that I could have been more help.I would really get in touch with that woman
    that will “trail angel”you thru the AV and help you navigate the Mojave Desert.Going east like you are doing is rugged country.The good news is that you are doing it at the right time of the year.I’m sure you will get the positive vibe on whats best from cats you meet along the way.You are going to trip when you get to Joshua Tree Nat.Park.Its a ways yet but it will be a cool goal to make.
    Nice meeting you.Best to your intrepid spirit.
    Skip Newton

  37. Ayla says:

    Love you both! Enjoy your adventure!

  38. Blake says:

    Hey Gryph and Sea,
    What a treat running into you ladies this Monday. Am so impressed by your courage to take on such a tremendous undertaking! You inspire me to want to pursue my greatest dreams in life also.. I think you are amazing individuals and feel honored to have had the opportunity to meet such strong and courageous women. You have just begun your journey, and already you are becoming more like the tree than its fruits 🙂
    Blessings on your continued journey,

  39. Jake Smargon says:

    Dear family and friends of the Free Range Rodeo,

    I was among those who were fortunate enough to run into Gryph and Sea in the Los Padres National Forest this past weekend and I am following up on a request of theirs to update you all on their status. As of around mid-day on Sunday January 8th, the Free Range Rodeo (all accounted for) set up camp at Willett camp at one of the cabins near the hot springs, and seemed to be in good spirits. Such good spirits even seemed to be present among the horses (who were rolling playfully around in the dirt.) Their plan was to continue through the sespe creek trail after spending some time at Willett. I wish you the best of luck on your journey and I hope the two of you find everything that you are looking for and more.

    “Life is a journey, not a destination.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson.

    Jake Smargon

    • Jenna says:

      Hi Jake,
      Thank you so much for posting this update. It’s great to know that everyone in the herd is doing well.

      Jenna – Sea’s sister.

  40. Karen Ellis says:

    Hi! Im Karen from the Maricopa Post Office…We met the other day when I found you the place to stay at my co workers place….I heard you were sick and Im so sorry to hear that you are both very nice girls and so brave to be doing this. I hope you can start your journey again soon and wish you all the luck in the world on your travels..If you need any thing that I can help you with please call at the old PO 661-769-8415..It was a pleasure to meet you both…

  41. Looking forward to meeting you both. I am going to contact our local papers and see if they are interested in your story. I can also help with those care packages….I make some pretty good jerky!

  42. Jennifer says:

    I was wondering if you guys have found a place to stay for the night yet?

  43. Mary Reed says:

    Hi Sea, Griphin, This is Mary and we met you thurs nite with Frank and Ruthie Reed at the fairgrounds in Hanford. I called the Hanford paper and if they can find you they want to do a story about your trip. Maybe they can get a hold of you from here. They are going to call me tomorrow and I’ll let them know your route. I want to follow your blog as much as possible and if my cats approve ~ I’ll have some fun, Right now I have too many on my lap to do anything. In my rescue orginazation I specialize in newborn babies that have lost their cat moms, ( bottle babies ) handicapped & hospice. All these guys like to be held all the time. Good luck this week. I’ll talk later. ~ Mary and The Safaricats

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