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The Free Range Rodeo is an ever evolving experiment in living the questions – living outside the box – exploring what it feels like to follow our dreams, live our passions and encouraging others to do the same.

On the 10th of October, 2011 (Columbus Day) Sea G Rhydr and Gryph Wulfkil left the Apple Farm in Philo, CA – heading out to rediscover America on horseback.  Sea was riding Jesse James, who had served her faithfully all summer as her guide (and commuter) pony at Highland Ranch where she had been working as a trail guide.  Gryph was riding Vaca Suerte and Saint Finehorn carried the pack.  We followed the Navarro River West to the Pacific, said hello to the Ocean and turned our faces to the East.

Much has happened since then!  Read the blog for the full story.  Gryph left in March, 2012 to practice her circus skills (aerial silks dancing) in Boulder and Oakland and New Hampshire and Florida.  Sea, with Jesse and Finehorn, reached Minot, Maine on 8. November, 2013 in time to lead the Mesannie Wilkins Day Parade. 

Gryph is involved with circus, puppets, performance and teaching in central Florida.  Jesse James and Saint Finehorn are with her, somewhere among the wildy trees.

Sea lives on Lopez Island out in Puget Sound. She’s writing a book and learning to grow food and frequently very happy.


13 Responses to Who We Are

  1. Chrissy says:

    Such a cool blog! You stayed at a friends house the other night in Ashland City, and although we met your ponies, we didn’t get to meet you. I hope you stop back through here another time and we will meet 🙂
    Good luck on your travels!

  2. robb goldstein says:

    Very interesting project you’ve got going here and an awesome blog.com as well. I am really glad I stumbled upon this. robbgoldstein@fairpoint,net if you want to say hello back.

  3. Barbara and mackenze says:

    Hi gryph and sea!!! This is Barbara and Mackenzie Mayo from Petrolia. Hey where r yall staying tonight? Hope u didnt frezze last night. I was worried last night.Just wondering how u were doing.where do u want us too send the pictures? To your mother or yall.Do u know where the next mail drop will be.You can send the information to cmayo@pwhome.com.

  4. Geraldine Hutchings says:

    What an independent and daring adventure!

  5. art says:

    My sister told me yall were in San Carlos. Im from there. Thought to check out the webpage and am enjoying reading of the adventure. In my prayers you and the ponies are. May you be taken care of as you go along. Ill keep on with the upadates.

  6. Sally Jo Gieser says:

    Positive negatives of march 31 do not bring much comfort to dear old mom – thorns, train tracks, particulates, hitch hiking – what next on this crazy, wonderful trip. We keep praying on this end of the country and moving those Vieques prayer seeds from the big bottle to the little bottle.

  7. Maureen says:

    Hi Folks,
    Just saw your article in the High Desert Star, I am in Joshua tree. Just sent you a donation. You all will be on my daily prayer list. I honor you that you ladies are following a true heart passion, that kind of thing really makes quality in life. Hopefully one of your friends will set up a facebook page for you. Blessings, Maureen

  8. Deidre (Dee) Guernsey says:

    Hi, Sea and Gryph! It was our good fortune that you came through our little town of Llano and that a few of us were able to get to know you. I’ve been reading your blog and have an even greater respect for what you gals are doing and what you’ve had to overcome to get this far. We are spreading the word about you two and hope others will become just as enchanted with you and your quest.
    I’ve posted your blog on my (Deidre (Dee) Guernsey) FB page and will send info & pics to the Ellen Degeneres and Oprah Winfrey shows. You never know!
    Along with all the gear and provisions you packed on your last day here, there are a few Llano hearts tucked in there, too.

  9. Your blog is inspiring! Constancia is one of dearest friends. We used to ride her Pasos in the desert you crossed. She was a Generous Spirit then with me as she is with you. I look forward to reading more of your adventures. I posted your blog on my ARTmatters FB page.

  10. Beth Pfeiler says:

    Ivana called me when you were on Lockwood valley Road…I was going to send my husband to come pick you up, but you found a place before we had the chance. Give me a call 661-972-9379 if you need anything. When you stay in Rosamond, if you are interested in coming with to the local Backcountry Horsemen Meeting, let me know. Also if you want to come and work some of the Pacific Crest Trail with us we are always looking for help. I lead a trail maint. crew and pack all summer. Good luck! Beth

  11. Shaloy Martin says:

    I saw your adventures posted in The Driller in Taft, Cali. I think what you guys are doing will be nothing less than AWESOME! What memories you will have.. You are Today’s Hero’s of Adventure! Cant wait to read the next post!
    Best wishes from Paris, Tn.
    Shaloy Martin and Family

  12. Mikki Lee Weaver says:

    Hi Sea, It’s Mikki. I’ve emailed my old trainer in AZ to see if he can help you find a horse. He and his wife are Ron and Lisa McLoughlin and they travel all over the country doing clinics and know many horse people who might help you. They run http://www.classicalstockseatschoolofaz.org.
    Look out for contact from them.
    Best of luck

  13. leonsr7 says:

    How do we make $donations$ to the cause? I’m sure many of us wpuld help you on your way. You need a paypal link for donations!

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