20 years later…

cucumber plant

cucumber plant

The last time I tried to grow a zucchini I was living in Albany, NY.  I’d rented a drafty little old house blessed with a double lot – it was the original farmhouse from way back when but by the time I lived there (20 years ago) a ghetto had grown up around it – I was the only Anglo on the block.  I was thrilled about the big yard when I moved in mid-December and immediately started planning a garden for Spring.  I dug and planted, sprouts emerged and started growing, I was gone for a couple of weeks and when I returned I went out the back  door to discover a dark green, perfect zucchini (if a tad over-large).  I harvested it immediately, brought it into the kitchen, laid it on the cutting board and started slicing.  The sudden aroma of gasoline emerging was incredible – I literally couldn’t believe it at first and started sniffing around my kitchen for the source of the smell.  Ugh – it really was coming from my beautiful squash.  Realizing I wouldn’t be able to eat a thing from my urban garden that summer I locked the back door and didn’t venture into the yard for the rest of the year that I lived there.  (An over-reaction, probably – but I was that upset.)

Three weeks ago my folks arrived in Big Creek to celebrate my 49th birthday (2.July) and it was a delight to share with them a meal of my first ever successful zucchini harvest (about time!?!) – along with a delicious pesto from home grown basil and tender, sharp little Mikado turnips served raw.  That night I almost felt like a smallholder.  Then last week we had two days of heavy, hard rain and 3/4 of the corn crop laid down – dropping the young pole bean vines at the same time.  Bummer!  The reality is that I live in a world with grocery stores and this is not a major crisis in terms of my yearly food supply – but it’s sure a reality check!  If I really was a pioneer I’d probably be a dead one.  On the other hand, if woman could live on basil alone…








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3 Responses to 20 years later…

  1. Pat Cooper says:

    Another great blog !! You are such a great Cook and gardener!! Will call soon!

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  2. Kathie says:

    I noticed, years ago, that our oldest neighbors were always in their gardens in the summer. And their gardens were beautiful. Huh, I thought. There’s a relationship there. If one gardens, one will grow to be very old and be a very successful gardener. Hmm, I mused. That is desirable. So I have continued to garden and, so far, continued to grow older…..maybe I’ll be one of those wonderful, ancient gardeners some day. And you, too, my friend.

  3. Elsbeth says:

    That is a stark reality I realized way back. ( that I be a half starved to death ) Annie Oakly wannabe . Now I’m a chubby healthy gramma !!!!

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