Sun Journal Article and Photos

Gryph Wulfkil, Sea G Rhydr, Lucy Leaf

Gryph Wulfkil, Sea G Rhydr, Lucy Leaf

The ponies and I are back in Greenville at my folks’ place after an incredible, long, emotional, fun, intense and wonderful weekend in Minot, Maine.  Tomorrow morning Dad and I return the borrowed horse trailer to Hollis, NH and the borrowed truck to Albany, NY.  It’s cold and windy and spitting tonight so 10pm found Dad and me backing his ’65 Chevy pick-up out of the barn, covering it with plastic, checking the stall for potential pony hazards and putting hay down for the herd.  We’re All exhausted.  It’s after midnight now so I’ll keep this brief, but wanted to let you know there’s an article in the Sun Journal with 113 photos of the muster and parade.  You can find it here:


About Sea G Rhydr

Sea G Rhydr and her trusty steeds, Jesse James and Finehorn - embarking on a grand adventure to cross America.
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6 Responses to Sun Journal Article and Photos

  1. Sherry Robinson says:

    Enjoy the rest, looking forward to the book Sherry

    Sherry Robinson Sent from my iPhone 918-231-9868

  2. Amy Parks says:

    The picture of Mr. James is my favorite!

  3. rrowe74257 says:

    Sent via the Samsung Galaxy Mega™, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone

  4. llewisraney says:

    Just a reminder, when someone asks Morgan Freeman, Why do you live in Mississippi when you can live anywhere you want? He answers, Because I can live anywhere I want.
    Linda Lewis Raney
    Oxford, Mississippi

  5. Dear Sea,

    Seems news of your “ocean to ocean” journey has spread beyond the confines of Minot, Maine.

    Neil Clarkson, publisher of the equestrian news service, Horse Talk, has written to the Guild to ask if you can write an article summarizing your equestrian journey for his international readership?

    So before you take off for Mississippi, you might like to contact the Long Riders’ Guild regarding the urgent need to dust off your pen and jot a few thoughts down for your growing group of literary supporters.

    While you think it over, let me just say, “Well Done, Long Rider”!

    Kind regards,

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