Photos by Brandie Gitchel

I was happily on my way to Houghton yesterday when I realized that I wasn’t where I thought I was!  Hot and humid and an ambitious amount of miles to cover even without getting lost – I absolutely should have had my compass around my neck (and didn’t).  I was passing a driveway when I heard a woman on a lawnmower calling into the house – “come out and look – horses!”  I pulled into the driveway so the ponies could say hello – good call!  Water and apples and graze and adoration for the ponies, lunch and a sorting of the maps for me.  A&MJ, with whom I’d stayed the night before, had offered to bring some of their lovely hay (and the packs) to Houghton College for the ponies (we’re here for a long weekend and I’ll be talking to the “Adventure Trails” class on Tuesday afternoon) so I called them and let them know that I’d gotten lost, that we were 15 miles from Houghton at 2pm and the ponies were dragging.  They hooked up their trailer and came to the rescue.  Meanwhile Brandie was busy with her camera…
photo 4 (2)
photo 2 (2)
photo 3 (2)
photo 3
photo 4 (4)
photo 4

About Sea G Rhydr

Sea G Rhydr and her trusty steeds, Jesse James and Finehorn - embarking on a grand adventure to cross America.
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2 Responses to Photos by Brandie Gitchel

  1. Sandra says:

    When did u change the saddle? I just noticed that. I am sure it is lighter Mr. James there, but is it comfortable for you too?

    • Gryph Rhydr says:

      hi Sandra – that’s the same saddle Jesse and I have been using the whole ride – it’s the best fit I found for him and it’s super comfy for me too – narrow through the twist and not restrictive. The only down side is the lack of a saddle horn in terms of ponying Finehorn, but lately she’s been pretty good about just following along (except for when the horseflies are getting her – can’t blame her for that, but it does a number on my right shoulder!)

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