Out of the Frying Pan


Yesterday the Free Range Rodeo escaped the heat of the Gila Valley and ascended to the Mogollon Rim where I am camped among pine trees and cool breezes. Yippeeeee!!!!   Blessings on B&C for their hospitality while I figured out how best to circumvent the Fire and for the trailer ride North and for the use of their cabin and stock pen as a staging ground for the next stage of the Journey.  Tomorrow the plan is to ride out from here to Black Canyon Lake and from there towards Heber, Show Low and Alpine, AZ – crossing into NM to Luna and then up to Quemado.

Last Wednesday night I had a wonderful treat – and I apologize for the lack of photos – I had no idea what was coming before I left the house and thus didn’t bring the camera.  I was picked up by Miz H in her Jeep so that we could hang out a bit before I headed out of the area.  After a few stops for provisions, we were still uninspired in terms of what to do with ourselves.  We’d both heard about the Indian Hot Springs just north of Eden (it used to be owned by the Rolling Stones – had a big white hotel that burned down) but we had also heard rumors of a crazy naked gun wielding caretaker and we assumed the gate was locked – we decided to swing by and check.  About half way there we reminded one another that the hot springs shared a fence with the back of Cowboy Jack’s property.  We got brave enough to make the call and the response was positive.

We swung by Cowboy Jack’s, he hopped in the driver’s seat and we set off down a long rocky road in the dark past Chaparral and Cactus.  Seemingly in the middle of nowhere Gentleman Jack stopped the Jeep and got out.  He led the way, held the barbed wire fence so we could climb through and “Sweeeet!”  A graceful rock and cement pool awaited; a curvy oasis full of hot water nestled into the trees.  I guess there’s also an Olympic sized pool of hot water somewhere else on the property, but this was perfect and suited the occasion.  The moon was two nights past full and everything was peaceful and quiet.  It was a perfect send-off celebration after two months in the Valley.  (…and a good time was had by all!)

About Sea G Rhydr

Sea G Rhydr and her trusty steeds, Jesse James and Finehorn - embarking on a grand adventure to cross America.
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