Brief Update

Writing from the McDonald’s in Parker, AZ, I find it hard to know how to give a brief recap of the past two weeks!  We had to leave Finehorn behind for a week and a half due to a small screw that got into her hoof – she received excellent care from S&R and returned to us two nights ago just before we crossed over into Arizona.  It’s good to have her back and she looks great!  Crossing the Mojave Desert on horseback was INTENSE!!!  The wind and the sun and the hard footing and the 20 mile days balanced out the glorious sunsets and vivid stars and the best nights of camping we’ve had yet.  Even following the Colorado River Aquaduct for a good portion of the way, we couldn’t have done it without vehicular support – there was Nothing growing that the horses considered to be food.  We are so grateful to the Fox for helping us in that regard.

We crossed over into Arizona yesterday morning – following the Colorado River south – and camped last night in a dry lot with thorn trees and the remnants of bee hives.  This morning we awoke to find that Cowgirl’s front right hoof was too sore to handle the 15 mile day we had planned – so the ponies are having a well-deserved day of rest while I try and sort a ride for Cowgirl (and maybe Daisy) to a rest stop in Quartzsite or Buckeye or Phoenix.  (If you can help with this Please be in touch!)  As soon as that’s sorted Gryph and I will ride Jesse and Finehorn on to Quartzsite (2 more days of riding) – and then head on to Tonopah.  (With help from K who has volunteered to come from Sebastopol with his truck to help us with water and hay through that stretch.)

We stayed a night at the White Rock Horse Rescue – and are so glad to know that such a place exists – doing Great work with horses (and humans!) – educating and healing and matching up creatures that suit one another.  So exciting to see kids learning to ride bareback and to hear just a few of the inspiring stories that transpire there regularly.  While we were there a reporter came out from the Hi Desert Star and did an interview – and then she came out again when we met a vet by the side of the road to get health certificates so that we could cross over into Arizona.  Nobody has asked us for those papers – but better safe than sorry – and it’s good to know that the ponies are in good shape.

We hope to be back on line soon with photos and stories and news…

About Sea G Rhydr

Sea G Rhydr and her trusty steeds, Jesse James and Finehorn - embarking on a grand adventure to cross America.
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5 Responses to Brief Update

  1. Shaloy Martin says:

    You two are such an inspriration. Glad to get the update! Be well and Godspeed!

  2. Lynn (Linda Distefano) says:


    Hey its Lynn And Ziggy from Buckeye Lastest Updates……

    Dam if anyone is looking for Horse Transporting that will go out of the way….for a Horse…..Here it is !
    This is the Transporters that dropped everything…. to pick up Cowgirl……..they are still in Route .. and keeping me Updated thru out the day . I will be having them do ALL my Horse Hauling Needs for sure……

    Owner : James #623-695-6755 OR Mike #623-695-9008 They Go Above and Beyond !

    Thanks Guys………….for helping them along with this adventure……..

  3. Lynn (Linda Distefano) says:

    Hi Guys

    Its Lynn & Ziggy… Julies Friend.. here in Buckeye.Az…. Well quite the adventure you guys are on ! ! I When Julie told me your story ….I was Blown away…as a Horse person all my Life….in The Hunter Jumper World…. I could totally appeciate such a Huge Task……. I’ll call yas the= Modern Day Cowgirls…..hey theres a logo for your tee shirts and a name for ya book…… or movie. I’m sure when you reach Boston Mass … you will have a Ton of stories .(I have a good friend there Pam Lupo that owns Northgate Farm with a nice Indoor Ring, i’ll be calling her and i’m sure she will be there for yas with open arms, at the end of your journey!)….. Us Horse People are a Rare Bred in our own……Non Horse People will never Understand …when it comes down to it we are all there for each other, thru our common passion the Horse ! When you called today…. i starting networking..with… horse people some i know some i did not….. But they all with out hesitation offered to help…. Thanks to James and Mike the Horse Haulers out of Buckeye Az….when i told them your story… they were llike “WE’RE ON OUR WAY” Over 50 miles… to relieve Cowgirl for a much deserved rest… WOW what great guys , These guys are transporters with a True Heart for Horses…..they offered to help out During hard gas times they never mentioned Money.. There are still good people out there ! All Horse people are Family ! Well Guys ……. I just arrived back with my Ford250 filled with Hay.& Exstra Grain…… so Cowgirl can have a Nice Cozy stay ……. Ziggy my Rescue Horse from Julie is so excited to have a friend coming… i’ve already told him. ……. Guys have a Safe ride from Quartiz to Buckeye……. your welcome to crash…. Bed and Shower when yas get here..TONS of caffine in the morning for your journey ahead….. Cowgirl will be safe waitin for yas……

    Your Horse Friends Lynn (Linda Distefano) & Ziggy from AZ & Julie Neumann from CA

  4. Ayla says:

    I love reading of your adventures, would love to see those sunsets I hope you can post pictures soon. Love you guys, you give me hope that this adventure can be done in a world where everyone has their noses stuck in their iPhones. Hugs and love From me and my iPhone. Lol

  5. Maureen says:

    Greetings, Blessings to you all on your journey!

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