Got Milk!

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Yesterday the big news was snow in Big Creek and the arrival of Angi from Ontario.  This morning I went out to feed and there was another arrival, this one a week earlier than anticipated – Mama Pearl was standing in the trailer looking down at her brand new kid.  I was So grateful for Angi’s presence in that moment, not that she’d ever midwifed a baby goat before, but she stayed very calm and we got the baby cleaned up just in time to realize that Pearl was trying to have kid #2 through the trailer wall.  That obviously wasn’t happening so she stood up and without so much as a chance to wash my hands I was catching a baby goat,  who lingered half-in and half-out for what seemed like the longest, slippery time before Pearl got around to finishing the job.  All of this in below-freezing dampness and caught unprepared!
papparazzi   midwifery

6 hours later both kids (one buckling, one doeling) have been up and about, have had their first meal (with a bit of assistance) and seem to be doing well.  Tonight is forecast 30*F with a wintry mix.  We have a heat lamp out there and a space blanket tarp stretched across inside at the level of the first open slat.  I know goats have been having babies for millennia – but the whole thing is feeling a bit nerve-wracking.  Spot and Taz are spending the night on a hay pile on the front porch, along with Stretchy who has elected herself the official porch chicken.  This weekend the goat bungalow will be constructed (mostly from wood and tin salvaged from old barns and sheds up the road – thanks to Ray.)  I know this is short, but just wanted to share the news and some photos – more soon!
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Sea G Rhydr and her trusty steeds, Jesse James and Finehorn - embarking on a grand adventure to cross America.
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12 Responses to Got Milk!

  1. lloyd george says:

    Congrats! See..told ya they would do ok. I hope the herd walks are going well.

  2. Jerome Ellard says:

    Awesome and cute!

  3. Lydia Carey, Clymer, NY says:

    We use to dairy farm and birthing was second nature to cow and farmer. So appreciate the half-in — half-out photo. Many folks from the city have never witnessed an animal birth! It is a miracle and so incredibly amazing! Thank you for the update! Lydia

  4. Connie Cassidy says:

    Do you have prior experience with livestock management (other than horses)? If not, you’re sure going to get it now! Good luck with the new adventures!

  5. Susie says:

    Ha… yes, I am “large” Thnx Mom! :)) Oh My…that goat head coming out of that mama! Seems like child birth is no big deal for animals. hmmm.

  6. Pat Cooper says:

    Absolutely amazing!!! Wow!! Twins!! What an amazing new life you have!! They’re beautiful!! On my way to the Sacramento airport, then to Boston… Arriving at midnight! Then back here in a month or earlier if baby girl arrives before planned! Susie’s very large! Love you, Auntie Pat

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  7. Giddy Up in MS says:

    Congrats! They are adorable! Goats seem to want to be born always during the worst weather times~

  8. Kevie O'Haver says:

    Baby goats are the cutest creatures God ever made. You will be thoroughly entertained for weeks. Congrats on the new addition. If you worry about what’s to happen to the boy, we have room for another wether at our house.

  9. Norma Spratlin says:

    So cool.. thanks for sharing….I’m so dense it took me sometime to figure out what was going on. DUH….LOL….CITY GIRL!!!!!hehe. Calhoun City…that is!!!

  10. Errol Castens says:

    Yay, goats!

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  11. Peggy Bell says:

    Interesting! I can’t imagine taking care of so much, but can well understand the interest, amusement and company.I take my hat off to you – great energy and spunk! Hope settling in your home has been satisfying. Hoping you have a warm niche right now! I pray for God’s blessing. Peggy

  12. Joy says:

    Oh, how wonderful! Your first babies at your new home. Good Job! Sea and Mama Pearl!

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