Kentucky Celebration!

I am sitting contentedly on a breezy hill in beautiful Kentucky as the sun sets. Yesterday I crossed the state line after a long 15 mile day, practically dragging Saint Finehorn.  The very first person I saw asked if I needed water for the ponies and I accepted gratefully.  I wanted to ask her to say “Happy Birthday, Welcome to Kentucky” but I felt silly so instead I asked if she knew of a place where we could rest for a day or two since we’d only had two days of rest out of the past 12 and were well overdue for a break.  She made a ‘phone call, handed me an icy coke, hopped in her car and returned a few minutes later with great news.  I rode over the hill and across the road where a man in a white pick-up truck was waiting to lead me to my haven.  It’s 1/2 a mile into a big farm, down on a spring-fed pond. There are two caves, one with water emerging and the other dry. The Red River (a different Red River) is just over the bluff.
P1040741   P1040747
I unburdened the ponies, set up camp and slung the hammock between two trees, changed into my PJs and had a great conversation with my folks who had just been in Minot, Maine visiting with the woman who is setting up the end of the trail festivities.  It was after dark and I was reading in the hammock when I saw headlights approaching.  What!?!  I heard voices and beeps and went down to investigate.  There woman who had originally welcomed me to Kentucky was there with her family (3 generations!) and they handed me a mason jar with a birthday cake in it, complete with candle and sang Happy Birthday!  What a wonderful surprise!  They’d also brought a cooler with ice and a bunch of food and we stood by the fence while I ate my birthday cake and the ponies tried to figure out what was in the cooler.  I’m sorry about the lack of photos, but this was all happening in the pitch dark.  Fresh melon and tomatoes from the garden, eggs and sausage for morning – talk about spoiled rotten!
P1040742   P1040746

Today I’ve had many visitors and felt incredibly welcomed to Kentucky.  Organic zucchinis went into my breakfast skillet and tonight a T-bone steak and baked potato were delivered to my camp.  The ponies are grazing and resting and keeping tabs on things and places to stay as we head NE towards Bowling Green are being set up.  Did I mention the homemade jam?  If this is a foretaste of Kentucky, I’m really excited about July.P1040744

And now it seems that rain is starting to drip from the sky so I’ll keep this short and try to write more very soon.  Will add photos tomorrow too as connection is glitchy and storm is arriving.

Harvestmen sheltering from the Storm

Harvestmen sheltering from the Storm


About Sea G Rhydr

Sea G Rhydr and her trusty steeds, Jesse James and Finehorn - embarking on a grand adventure to cross America.
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13 Responses to Kentucky Celebration!

  1. Alexis Zahringer says:

    Well I am very glad that you had a great birthday! Happy Birthday! I pray that the rest of your trip is just as wonderful, you diserve it! Im glad to hear that Jesse and Finehorn are doing fantastic and working their hardest for you! My family and i continuously cheer you on!

  2. Sherry B. Robinson says:

    Thought I would attach our newsletter that I put out once a month for our little club. Put a little blurb in there for you. Hope we can join up next year when I have some vacation time.

    Sherry Robinson, PPGHA President 918-231-9868


  3. Linda Chandler says:

    Happy Belated Birthday! Thanks for sharing your story it is amazing! Still praying for you.

  4. Bobby and Debbie Slaven says:

    Belated Happy Birthday Sea from Giddy-Up here in Mississippi! WoW have you ever progressed along! I have internet now, lots to catch up (again) about your journey. I so enjoy your writings and pictures….Happy Safe 4th!

  5. Jerry Gerard says:

    Hello Gryph…You probably do not remember me or my two friends. But maybe this will jog your memory. Worm races in Alpine Az last July 4th weekend at the Ye Old Tavern. I have been following your blogs and am glad that all is well for you after all that you have been through. What a fantastic journey, and I hope you the best of luck for the rest of it. My name is Jerry Gerard and my two friends Mike Johnson and Mark Tope send their best wishes as well. “The 3 Chandler Firefighters”

  6. Joy says:

    I want to say a belated Happy Birthday, too! I am so happy the folks from Kentucky were kind and thoughtful! Their hospitality comforts all of us who are following your epic adventure!

  7. Jane Graham says:


  8. Howards says:

    Happy Birthday Sea from out here in Tulia TX. We still think of you often and your visit with
    us. Hope you are have a wonderful day!! Wish we could come up there and join in on that celebration when you make into Maine. You will! Susan and Ben Howard

  9. Heather Theiszmann says:

    Happy birthday cousin! Glad to hear that u made it to Kentucky!

  10. Marcia Swenson says:

    We wish you a belated birthday wish for safe travels and continued wonderful new friends along your way!.. Health and sweet grass and water for your ponies and contentment for you!!

  11. Debbie Nichols says:

    The pleasure in meeting this brave woman full of adventure was all ours. The Bluegrass state always wants to be known as full of hospitality. Our prayer is for safety and for all her needs to be met as she completes her journey.

  12. kt says:

    Happy Birthday Sea!

  13. Sandra Sonnier says:

    Them Kentucky people r very friendly. Of course I have family there so I feel like I should say that. Lol

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