Luna Jack’s Growing Up

P1030702 (2)      ????????

The second day I went to play with the ponies and the silks, I started out on Jesse James. But this time Finehorn did not want to be left out. She was getting much braver and taking cues from Jesse James. I could see her chewing on the idea that maybe a flying Gryph was not so bad after all….

P1030710 (2)

P1030707 (2)    P1030724 (2)

Luna Jack was adamently watching and always sure to present herself close by with calm, questioning disposition. I interpreted this as a very sensible way of asking to be included and learn something new. Keeping in mind that she had never had a person on her back before in her life, I was very excited about the prospect of this experiment. And, as I had predicted, she handled it like a skilled and practiced expert. She seemed to enjoy the attention immensely, listening to my cues and movements with intent concentration.

P1030752 (2)   P1030766 (2)

In the midst of this, one can observe the two grumpy and sulking ponies in the periphery. They were certainly willing to express their disgruntled jealousy, and were certainly not keen on admitting to Luna Jack being accepted in as a comrade.

P1030753 (2)     P1030748 (2)

Sea and I will have to start coming up with more challenging puzzles and tricks for the intelligent and willing Luna Jack.

P1030755 (2)

About Sea G Rhydr

Sea G Rhydr and her trusty steeds, Jesse James and Finehorn - embarking on a grand adventure to cross America.
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3 Responses to Luna Jack’s Growing Up

  1. Cozy Turner says:

    Amazing. Hope all is well with you two. I have been doing pretty good except Christmas morning wasn’t to good but later in the day it got better. Sure do miss him something terrible. God knows best. I pray that God will always be with ya’ll and see you through your journey. May the sun and wind always be at your backs.

  2. Howards says:

    She is looking good!! Hope you ankle is better. You will be putting a saddle on her and riding before long. Keep us posted – we do enjoy the pictures of her. Hope you had a Merry Christmas and have a happy New Year!! Ben and Susan

  3. ayla says:

    Beautiful Gryph!! that looks so graceful and totally awesome! Hope you are enjoying your grand adventure, and so glad that you have this page to let us take a peek in on what you have been up to. Hugs to you and Sea. I miss you both. Love Ayla

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