Sea Shares Her Adventures With 9th and 10th Graders in Memphis,Texas

On October 30 Sea spoke to my English I and II students who had just read her short story, “The Badlands”. What a great experience it was for them to read a story and then meet the author the very next day! I projected pictures from the blog site for the students to view as Sea shared her experiences on the trail and answered their questions. When asked what they liked best about the day, the students answered, “We just really liked her.” I think that speaks volumes! They would like for Sea to stop by when she heads back west next year.  Thank you so much, Sea, for sharing your awesome adventure with us!

About Sea G Rhydr

Sea G Rhydr and her trusty steeds, Jesse James and Finehorn - embarking on a grand adventure to cross America.
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6 Responses to Sea Shares Her Adventures With 9th and 10th Graders in Memphis,Texas

  1. Betty Lewis says:

    Does gruff want moccasins with hard soles or not?

  2. Betty Lewis says:

    So nice to talk with you both. Just thinking it was thanksgiving time when you were here last year. Hard to believe it’s been that long. Keep safe and healthy and check in once in awhile and I will do the same.

  3. Jim Maxwell says:

    Twenty odd years ago you saved me from having to hike the Appalachian trail with your stories of adventure and mishap. I had dinner with Aunt Pat last night and she gave me your blog address. Now you will save me from saddle sores while I live vicariously on this feat of perseverance. Good luck.

  4. Pat Cooper says:

    What a great addition to you trip/adventure/bio!! You are a great communicator either written or in real life! It will be fun to see where this all leads! Keep a goin’!!
    Auntie Pat

  5. Constancia says:

    Great opportunity for all! Thanks for your post!

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